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Maintaining your vehicle is a important part of insuring it's longevity.  A process that is as neccessary as regular doctor check-ups.  With regular service you not only maintain its durability but also the safety of yourself and family and reduce the chance of costly repairs in the future.  A & D is a provider of most services your car will ever need and with our friendly staff we will follow up with you for reminders of upcoming maintanance.



Tune-ups assure you that your car operates at its peak performance every time you turn that key. But every car has different requirements. Whether its the oil or spark plugs, A & D only uses dealer approved or upgraded fluids and parts to keep your car running at its best.

Tip: Brakes are sometimes taken for granted. Such a vital part in your safety it is commonly overlooked. But if you hear squealing it may not just mean you need new brakes, it may mean more.  Don't wait till you hear it to have it changed.


Servicing your car is something that everyone that owns a vehicle will experience. And when your car needs service, you have alot of options. A & D's trained techs will ensure that your car is serviced to specifications set by the manufacturer. Using only dealer or dealer approved parts, you can rest assured that you car is being serviced to the highest standards.

Tip: Solely depending on the check engine light to determine if your car needs service is a mistake.  Regular maintenance and service will prolong the life of your car.


Your transmission is as vital a part of your vehicle as the engine is. And can be just as costly. The transmission is a complicated part and should not be trusted to just anyone. Experience plays a big part in maintaing and repairing transmissions'. Featuring the latest equipment and over 15 years of experience, you will know that your car is in the hands of of a expert.

Tip: Changes to how your car drives is not always engine related. Your transmission has alot to do with how your car "feels". Don't wait till its to late and have it checked out.

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